September 2019

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DBS Fee Reduction Good news to all. As of 1st October, the Disclsure and Barring Service are reducing their processing fees for all Basic, Standard and DBS fees. Along with reducing our fees now we are e-Bulk registered, this is a significant reduction in the amount clients will be paying for an DBS [...]

June 2019

Cataphract now DBS e-Bulk partner

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Cataphract goes Digital for Criminal Record Checks Cataphract becomes DBS e-Bulk partner. - Digital Transformation NEARLY complete!!!! Cataphract has been a UK Criminal Record Check company for 15 years, currently supporting over 400 companies, groups, clubs and societies deliver safeguarding solutions. We passed the onboarding and validation process to complete digital DBS checks [...]

September 2017

Uber drivers required to apply for new DBS Checks

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Uber has been been instructed to message all of their drivers to complete new DBS background checks in the next 28 days from a central government system or be struck off the list. Even though Uber drivers use the same roads as Black cab drivers, they undergo separate rules and laws, however, with the rise of [...]

August 2017

1 Million Subscribers

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The Disclosure and Barring Service, back in 2013 created a service called ‘Update Service‘ where the individual, upon receipt of a new DBS within the last 30 days, can register for a yearly update for a new DBS check. To obtain a new DBS, the individual has to go through an umbrella company first, so [...]

Cataphract achieve top 4% ranking as DBS Umbrella Partner

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We are proud to announce that Cataphract are ranked in the top 4% in the country for DBS applications submitted from April 2016 to March 2017. There are 3,246 registered DBS umbrella companies in the country so this puts us in the top 150. Each half year the Disclosure and Barring Service announce the activity from all DBS [...]

REC Partnership Success Begins

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In our last blog update we highlighted we became the only DBS checking & pre-employment screening partner available to all REC members in the UK. First off we got all REC account managers up to speed with Cataphract’s service lines and unique offers, so they can spread the word to the registered firms about our service. We then attended a number [...]

June 2017

NHS Trust fails to conduct thorough DBS checks

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It's recently come to light that the Oxford NHS trusts, because a shortage of doctors, used agency doctors without a recent DBS checks.... Quoting Bicester Advertiser While the trust was told it did provide a good quality of care to patients, a shortage of doctors meant targets were missed while full checks were not in place [...]

May 2017

5 top tips for a fast security clearance application

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Cataphract have been processing CTC and SC clearances for over 10 years for major government outsourcers, service firms and technology vendors. Clearance can take up to 3 months after the application is received by the Home Office, so an efficient a fast background check is essential. Here are our 5 top tips to help your [...]

April 2017

A Guide to Right to Work Checks

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As Brexit fast approaches, its uncertain how this will pan out, however, we are getting more calls and requests from clients to perform right to work checks on existing employees and during the pre-employment checks phase of the recruitment process. A right to work check means that you check a document which is acceptable for [...]

DBS Updates and Latest News

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DBS System Update The Disclosure and Barring Service announced a short while back the transformation of their internal system to be totally digital, project name R1. They have recently highlighted the start of the change with Basic checks first and then standard and Enhanced later in the 2017/2018. This is a more complex system and [...]

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