Pre-employment screening

We reduce the risks to your company so that you can be confident in the candidates you hire. Our services and team of experts will allow you to make the right decisions when hiring, first time, every time.

Minimising risk and ensuring compliance

Pre-employment screening is the entry level of security clearances and contains the governments recommended checks to be completed to ensure you are employing the right people.

Credit and consumer check

We process over 3,000 consumer checks per year, confirming residential history, name changes and if the employee has any CCJ or BAI in the past 6 years.

1-10 years referencing

Employment, personal, gap, and volunteer referencing. We have a team of six processing references for 30+ Companies.

PEP and sanctions list checks

Search of a specialist global database to see if the new potential employee might be on the Political or Sanctions Watch List.

AML and terrorist watch list

We identify if the applicant or potential new employee is listed on the Anti Money Laundering or Terrorist Watch List global Database and inform the client.

FCA check

Search to see if the applicant is listed on the FCA register.

Highest education and professional check

We check against the listed highest education or certification listed on the application. Checks normally complete within 2 days.

DBS checks

As a registered e-Bulk digital DBS processing partner to the Disclosure and Barring Service, Cataphract will help you and your business to save time and money.

Services tailored to simplify pre-employment screening tasks

Right to work checks

Right to work checks

Employers have a duty to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out prescribed document checks on people before employing them to ensure they are lawfully allowed to work. We take the responsibility of verifying their right to work and the ownership on behalf of HR divisions.

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Pre-employment screening

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