DBS & Vetting Software

Our digital platforms enable in-house vetting and screening teams to accomplish great things.

Trust the experts

Cataphract is an experinced firm specialising in vetting, screening and DBS checks. When we couldn’t find a product on the market that we liked, we built our own software to share with the market.

e-BaSE for DBS

Basic, Standard and Enhanced Checks within one, simple to use platform. Built by a team running DBS checks since 2004.

DBS software


Cataphract Vetting Software enables vetting and HR teams to process and manage checks seamlessly.

Vetting software

Built by teams that have been managing BPSS, 7858, CTC, SC and DV clearance requests.

Seamlessly Integrated Vetting and DBS platform, meaning no repetition of data entry.

Leading UX/UI platform and dashboards, enabling the team to focus on the hard tasks at hand.

DBS software designed to be the simplest and easiest on the market.

The specifics

Frequently asked questions about our software and platforms.