Cataphract Vetting Software

Cataphract Vetting Software enables vetting and HR teams to process and manage checks seamlessly.

Built so the vetting team doesn’t have to manually re-enter ANY data.

Designed to offer the simplest interface and processing of a check, for the vetting team and applicant. Cataphract has been running security vetting to SC level since 2004, so know what kind of software we wanted. We couldn’t find a winning package on the market, so build one ourselves.

Our platform is available to licence to companies looking to manage their vetting and screening process and automate your DBS checks. Some of the key, winning features are:

Downloadable prefilled forms

Customizable auto emails

Auto emails sending on key renewal dates

Reference tracker (28 day gap)

Employee segmentation by cost centre, location, client, groups

Employee search feature used as a resource allocation tool

Integrated with Cataphracts e-BaSE DBs processing software. Meaning……no more duplicate data entry.

User access restriction

Document management