Cataphract partner with Fama for Social Media Checks

Partnering with the best software available.

Cataphract announces a new partnership with Fama Technologies, Inc., an A.I.-based social media screening software company.

Fama analyses a candidate’s digital footprint through publicly available online content. The goal of utilizing Fama is to identify any potential risks the individual might pose to his/her/their organisation. Cataphract’s goals remains that of helping customers build and maintain a positive workplace culture, safeguard the customer from brand and financial damages due to a bad hire, and to conduct investigations with the utmost compliance. Fama as a partner will propel Cataphract further towards those goals.

Fama’s machine learning models search only publicly available online information and only reports on the behaviours that the client pre-defines as job-relevant. Fama’s AI technology and comprehensive reporting helps protect hiring managers from exposure to protected class information to ensure compliant hiring practices.

 About Cataphract

Established in 2004, Cataphract are one of the most trusted Pre Employment screening and DBS checking organisations in the UK. Conducting thousands of checks for clients within the Motorsport, Security, Education, Aviation and Corporate world, we believe our continued efforts are building a safer environments for your co workers and children.

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About Fama

Fama provides an automated solution that identifies problematic behaviour among potential hires and current employees by analysing publicly available online information. Enterprise HR and Talent leaders trust Fama to help identify behaviours such as bigotry and harassment that are often missed in the hiring process. With Fama, organizations can now improve workplace culture and protect their employees from harassment and toxic behaviours before they escalate to more serious concerns and expose a company to liability. Fama is backed by some of the world’s leading venture capitalists and institutional investors and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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 Key Product Highlights:

  • Automation: Fama deploys AI, natural language processing and image recognition technologies to screen publicly available content for high risk online behaviours
  •  Comprehensiveness: In addition to in-depth social media analysis for each candidate, Fama reports includes an exhaustive online, public news and web search across tens of thousands of sources, including local and international news
  •  Customizations: Partners can easily customize Fama’s search to reflect each specific organization’s hiring standards and policies
  •  Global Reach: Fama operates globally through direct client engagements as well partner engagements and can be configured to accommodate foreign language requirements as needed
David Clark

Posted by David Clark
July 20, 2021, in Pre Employment (BPSS)

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