Common mistakes when submitting PES checks

What are the most common mistakes the team sees when submitting a screening application?

We like our processes to be quick and easy for all of our super awesome customers.  There are some common errors people make when making a new application that could slow down the checks.

Our team have put together some hints and tips for completing applications, helping you you move effortlessly through our systems …

Authority Form

Before any checks can take place, Cataphract will ask you to read and sign an authorisation form. A link for the online authority form is included in each new application. Occasionally this link can be missed. When completing your application look out for the link to the authority form at top of the application form. We partner with Signable for effortless signing.

Name changes

If names are missed when Cataphract carry out the checks, this may slow down the process.

Ensure, when you are completing the check, all former names are included. If you have changed your name

Remember to include all of the names (current and any former names, including any middle names) in the application,

Self employed v Business owner

If the applicant is self-employed, own their own company and use an accountant, Cataphract will obtain a reference from :

  • The Accountant
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • The end customers/companies they person has worked for

Make sure to include the contact details of the accountant and clients/agencies in the application!

Work history gaps

If you have any gaps in your employment history, Cataphract will ask one of your personal referees to vouch for your activity during those gaps. Remember to include contact details for personal referees in your application form. This is very important when completing an application to gain an airside pass. Normal acceptable gap is anything less than 28 days. If you were travelling, simply enjoying the summer before a new job, we need to know.


Some applications require documents. Cataphract have made it simple by listing the documents that are accepted.  If the applicant is uploading documents, just ensure it is a recent document and if the document includes name and address, ensure the documents is issued in the current name and address.

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