Common mistakes found when processing DBS checks.

We process thousands of checks a year and the team have come up with some of the most common mistakes.

Apply then move address?

If your application has already been processed up to the DBS there is no way of us changing this. However, if your application has not been processed, we can amend this for you. Your certificate will be sent to the current address on your application. You may need to arrange a way of collecting this from that address as it will have your private information on. You will also need to reapply for a new DBS certificate under the correct address.

What if your DBS certificate hasn’t arrived?

If your certificate hasn’t arrived, this could be because of a couple of things. The current address on your DBS application may be incorrect or you may have moved address since applying for your DBS. If this has happened, you can set up mail redirection before requesting a DBS certificate reprint. Go to the Royal Mail website for more information on how to do this. The address give on the DBS application cannot be changed. Another reason why your certificate may not have arrived may be that it got lost in the post. If this happens, you can reapply for a reprint within 3 months of your certificate being issued.  

Didn’t apply to the DBS Update Service in time?

If you want to apply for the Update Service, this has to be done within 28 days of applying for the DBS or 30 days of your certificate being issued. If it is too late to join the update service, you will need to apply for a new DBS. At this point you can register to the Update Service with your new DBS certificate.

Haven’t disclosed all your former names?

If you haven’t stated all of your former names, we may be able to add them onto your application for you. This is If your application hasn’t been processed up to the DBS. If your application has already been sent to the DBS, there is nothing we can do. The applicant will need to reapply with all of their correct name history. You are able to cancel the incorrect application, but you will still be charged. It is important for you to state all of your names from the past so the police can check your records against all the names you may have had in the past.

Having Issues with not having enough ID for your DBS check?

Click here to find out what pieces of ID can be used. If you are having trouble finding the ID you need to provide, there are other routes you may need to go down to get your ID verified. EEA nationals who have been resident in the UK for 5 years or less cannot use Route 3. For Route 3 you will need a birth certificate after the time of birth (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands), one document from Group 2a and 3 further documents from Group 2a or 2b. At least one of these documents must show your current address. If you cannot provide these documents, you may need to apply for a document or potentially need to be fingerprinted.

Applied for the wrong role on the system?

If you happened to apply for the wrong role on your application, we may be able to amend this for you. If the application hasn’t been processed up to the DBS, we can still change the role. However, if your application is already with the DBS, you will need to apply for a new DBS under the correct role. As we have custom made our own DBS software, we understand we are the only DBS company to have pre-set roles and checks.

How long will my DBS check take?

Timings on a DBS check can vary. It takes longer for a standard and enhanced check to be done rather then a basic. It can also depend on the number of previous addresses and name history you could have. The police have to look into those details. A check normally takes on average about 2 weeks. You can track your application here.

Posted by Polly Western
March 31, 2021, in DBS

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