Annual Get Together

Cataphract have a small operations office in the beautiful village of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, however, as we are mainly operate throughout the UK, most of the team work at home. We dont get the opportunity to see everyone together, so our annual Christmas time get together is special. Thanks to MS Teams, we have excellent communication!

In our annual forum, we run through the previous year, achievements, significant milestones, what we have learnt and most of all, the coming year. It’s a time to provide feedback on systems and processes with our saying, ‘System run the Business. People Run the Systems’

Systems run the Business. People Run the Systems

Without our excellent and dedicated team, Cataphract would fall on our feet. We appreciate each and every one.

For the Christmas Party, we went wine tasting at Number 2 Pound Street locally in Wendover. It was a fantastic night, with 6, yes 6 large, wines tasted. Maybe we should have had 4 as we had a social at one of the directors houses just before. Roger Smalley, annoyingly, tasted the first wine and guessed it perfectly to the valley in Italy! We didnt hear the end of it all night.

We all learnt so much and thank the team at the Deli.

We’ve had a tramsformative 2019 and we are so excited for 2020. Our goal is to grow our DBS service offering with the new e-Bulk digital integration and implement the new User Interface to our Cloud based Vetting platform. We appreciate we are a customer services company that just so happens to complete background checks, so will focus as well on continuing our excellent customer support.

David Clark

Posted by David Clark
December 10, 2019, in DBS

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