Background Checks – Our methods and thoughts.

We know the background check and pre-employment screening market is saturated with multinational, investment backed/owned organisations who talk about fast, automated digital platforms running the checks, however, would you let a computer make a key decision if someone should pass the checks or not?

We believe in using digital, automated systems to perform checks, however, we feel the ultimate decision should sit with a human discussing issues with the HR or personnel teams. Computers can do plenty, given the right set of instructions but they can’t pick up the phone and discuss a discrepancy, error or previous issue with the applicant.

We know checks should be fast, efficient and seamless for all involved, and they normally are. We are checking to see if the applicant is both telling the truth about their past, but also to see if they meet criteria to work in that environment, be it an FCA regulated organisation, government home office or if they can actually work in the UK.

The screening platform we have built can give instantaneous answers to the following

  • Valid/authentic identification and Right to work Checks
  • If they have been subject to Fraud or Identity Theft globally
  • Have negative Credit worthiness
  • Driving Licence points checking

Checks that can be completed within a week

Our difference – ALL of our vetting and screening staff are retired or former police officers, looking specifically for the inconsistencies within a check. We use our digital platform to deliver efficient, reliable and credible background checks.

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David Clark

Posted by David Clark
April 25, 2018, in Pre Employment (BPSS)

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