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The Disclosure and Barring Service, back in 2013, created a service called ‘Update Service’ where the individual, upon receipt of a new DBS within the last 30 days, can register for a yearly update for a new DBS check.

To obtain a new DBS, the individual has to go through an umbrella company first. By registering to the update services, the individual pays £13 per year for the check and receives it for free if a volunteer.

We encourage the individual to register to this system, however, we have seen that if they are registering through a corporate CSR scheme or don’t feel they have the need to register yearly, there is less desire to register. There could be several factors but the individual has to pay -not the employer – which might be the reason.

Cataphract feels this is a credit worth system and hope to be a DBS partner for many more years to come.

Posted by David Clark
August 1, 2017, in Child Protection

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