Virtual Right to Work check extended until April 2022

Lobbying Parliament has led to the 4th extension

Increase of lobbying has lead to the 4th extension of the right to work checks being completed virtually. I’ve listed some of the reasons why this is important and needed.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): right to work checks – GOV.UK (

  • Level Playing Field – Currently, persons with settled status or work permits simply have to issue a code on the .Gov website to a new employer to confirm their Right to Work. If you are a UK national, the current rule is you have to show these face to face or the verifier has these in their hand. With the Virtual rule, these can be done remotely, to initially aid social distancing and lockdown hiring.
  • Authenticity – If you are checking a passport of document face to face, does the verifier know what a forged document looks like and what they are checking. By conducting this remotely, with the scanned image that you need to check against, you can run these documents through a system like Trust ID to check validity and authenticity.
  • Enables Remote Hiring – Enables companies who have adopted a virtual, digital nomad style workforce to grow and onboard effortlessly!
  • Catching up with the times – The pandemic has forced our hand with some new digital adoptions, with this being one of them. We cannot see, how the Home Office will ever revert
David Clark

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August 26, 2021, in Uncategorized

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