The most important asset in any organisation is its people. The application of the Pre Employment screen should ensure that organisations are employing people entitled to work in the UK and with the honesty, integrity and values needed for government-related work.

Pre Employment Screening describes the mandatory controls required to address the problems of identity fraud, illegal working and deception generally. As well as posing serious risks to reputation, integrity and financial assets they may also be indicators of more serious security concerns. Failure to address these issues could lead to reputational or more serious damage to the business. It should be remembered that without adequate confirmation of identity any subsequent national security vetting (NSV) offers no assurance.

This is the foundation stone for further enquiries to support CTC, SC and DV clearances.

To comply we will check the following:

  • Confirmation of name, date of birth and address history

  • National insurance number

  • Written references from the last 3 years employers.

  • Confirmation of any necessary qualifications/licences.

  • Educational details and/or references when someone is new to the workforce when these are considered necessary.

  • Confirmation of right to work in the UK

  • Check financial Probity

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