Pre-employment Screening

CCM - Contractor onboarding and management

Manage your contractor onboarding experience, capture the relevant data, store it in a central location and be informed about key dates such as licence expiry and training expiry date.

It’s all too common to focus on compliance and regulations when you onboard a contractor for a project or an assignment. Take a copy of their passport, utility bills, a copy of their insurances, and ensure you have completed their right to work checks.

Then what? You store these on your shared drive, in a personnel file and they get tucked away never to be looked at again. Their passport expires and is renewed, their liability insurance runs out and not taken up, their travel insurance runs out and they need to go on a business trip.

We know the complexity of running a business with hundreds of contractors and the limitations of a well structured Excel tracker.

Contractor onboarding and management CMS reinvented


Customised landing page for each client (if desired)

Unique data capture, built for specific requirements

API to major ATS (Bullhorn etc.) for automated data capture

PES Checks (Identity, Documentation, DBS, References)

Data management

Key date management – passport or driving licence expiry

Auto email reminders for near out of date documents

Scalable for separate cost centres of project locations

Contractor login to update and amend

Links to Cataphract PES checks and dates added for checks – ID verification, document validation etc.

Document storage

Sole source of contractor document management for passport, driving licence, insurances, contracts, and letters

Contractor, client and agency log in to check documents