CAA Airside Pass Vetting

Often, if you are working in a role that requires an Airside Pass , the HR firm of the business should consider onboarding you in a way that makes all applications to the Airport ID Centre as seamless as possible.

Cataphract has extensive experience of outsourcing the Pre Employment screening of staff working at UK airports who require airside Passes. We can complete the following furing the pre employment screening phase.

5 Year Reference History

Do you reference to the Airside Pass Standard?

Airside Pass Standard

Are you confident the references obtained will pass the stringent airport ID centre standard.

Criminal Record Check

The employee needs a Basic DBS check dates within 10 weeks

Basic DBS to obtain Airside Pass

With our e-Bulk DBS checks, we can turn around Basic DBS Checks within a day of application.

ID within 3 Months

Ensure the ID is in the right name, address etc

IS all of the employee's ID within 3 months.

Collate and store your employee ID on our vetting platform and process the Basic DBS with the stored data, with no typing..