Firstly, what is List X. List X is a status given to an organisation who hold ‘secret’ data relating to government sites, and therefore have Security Cleared employees. List X companies can process and issue security clearance themselves. List X companies are typically firms like BT, Fujitsu, Capita, CGI, BAE Systems who are engaged directly with government, military or secure national projects as the main contractor, managing the delivery of services, solutions or people.

The responsibility lies with the List X company providing the background vetting and screening of new staff or contractors, liaising with UK Security Vetting Services to obtain the clearance. How each company completes the vetting is individual, however, the majority store this critical data on Excel spreadsheets, relying on human brilliance to filter rows, keep track and ensure their staff or contractors stay in date!

We’ve spoken many times in the past in regards to security vetting, the process, pitfalls and most importantly, how you store, track and keep active the employee data. We calculated 30+ fields need to be stored, with up to 10 signed documents per employee  (Official Secrets Act, declaration forms, copy of ID, training certificates etc).

You can see how you lose track if you have north of 1,000 CTC, SC and DV cleared personnel.

Cataphract have developed SVS (Security Vetting Software) for List X companies to store, manage and track all their security clearance applications and associated data.


  • Software designed specifically for Security Clearance management

  • Dashboard for vetting staff showing new, daily or monthly actions

  • Reference taking system including 3 months gap management

  • Auto Signature for document signing

  • Document management system built in

  • Auto credit checking facility built in

  • Search and filter by vetting status

  • Online employee or contractor data input ability

  • Auto Email facility set by the employer (example)

  • 4 month warning CTC or SC running out

  • Warning DBS is running out (if 2 or 3 years is set)

  • New Employee Pack with all documents to sign (OSA/authority etc)

  • Auto reminder to send nominations pack

  • Search security cleared employees by allocated location and site to be used by resourcing or recruitment division.

The advantages

  1. Automated functions allows for a smoother, faster process

  2. Enable the vetting team  to track applications and references more efficiently

  3. Fail safe to never miss a reapplication

  4. Central location for ALL vetting data. No more google docs.

  5. Track working contractors (on assignment or not)

  6. Audit trail of communication from UKSV and employees

  7. Customer groupings or site allocation segmentation

If you want a demo, please reach out to Pricing is based on the number of employees managed, in brackets of