Terms & Conditions

Cataphract undertakes to process on behalf of the Customer a disclosure in the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Cataphract makes no guarantees as to the speed in which the disclosure and/or registration will be completed, only that it will use its best endeavours to expedite the process as speedily as possible insofar as it is within its influence.

The Customer acknowledges that it is her/his exclusive responsibility to ensure that all the data entered into the Cataphract online application process is accurate both as to content and spelling. The Customer accepts that any delay or incorrect disclosure or registration caused by her/his omission, mis-statement or other error in the completion of the online process is entirely the responsibility of the Customer and undertakes not to seek any redress from Cataphract. Any repeat disclosure or registration will require a further repayment as if it is a new disclosure or registration.

The Customer accepts personal responsibility to pay for the disclosure and/or registration. Cataphract agrees to accept payment by any legitimate credit card issued by one of the following providers regardless of the name of the person (human or corporate) to whom it is issued: Maestro, Solo, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, V pay, American Express.

The Customer agrees to pay any of the following charges as may be relevant to her/his application (including VAT at 20%):

Basic DBS Disclosure £44.00

Standard DBS Disclosure £44.00

Police Act 1997 Disclosure £62.00

Enhanced DBS Disclosure £62.00

Standard, Police Act and Enhanced DBS Disclosures for Volunteers £18.00

ISA Adult First (Care Workers Only) £6.00

Cataphract will ensure that data is not held for longer than is necessary for the purpose. In establishing retention and archiving periods, Cataphract will comply with the DBS policy on the Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure information (www.crb.gov.uk). Cataphract will retain data for repeat applications, complaints and legal requirements.

Cataphract will not be liable for any loss occasioned to the Customer by any missing of deadlines or otherwise failing to deliver a disclosure or registration in a timely and accurate manner.

A Basic Certificate may be returned to the applicant care of the employers address. By proceeding you also agree that the organisation may inspect the certificate prior to you seeing the content.