Few large projects today are run by single organisations.  Consortia are pulled together to take both the corporate and financial risks.  But how much due diligence takes place into the individual project team members?  Enough to tick the box or sufficient to provide a real prospect of assuring that you have partnered with the right people.

Cataphract’s Digital Vetting platform ensures that consortia or project owners fully understand who their project partners are, from a corporate and individual level. A CV or LinkedIn post will only provide a fraction of the full picture

KYC Vetting applies to clients offering tendered work to numerous prospective partners, using the KYC outcome to fully understand who they are engaging with, to then select the best fit and mix for the project.

We see employers completing more checks on prospective employees than a business partner who takes on multi million-pound risks.

Upon authorisation from each project partner, Cataphract will complete the following for each company and then each company Director

Company Check

  • Trading History

  • Connected Companies Check

  • Negative Media Check

  • Barred Sanctions List check

  • Director Check and Connected Company Check

Director Check

  • ID and Document Authenticity check (Right to work Check)

  • Basic Criminal Record Check

  • Credit Worthiness Check

  • Directorship checks

  • Negative Media Check

The outcome of the search will be delivered to the requestor in a report form, with a traffic light system in place to flag issues like credit worthiness, criminal past, negative media issues.


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