Cataphract’s SaaS platform enables companies delivering staff to a government or secure projects the ability to manage employee data associated with obtaining and managing security clearance. Automated reminders ensures you never fall foul of out of date clearances, training and certificates, meaning all staff are up to date all the time.

Most companies have staff that are required to maintain a range of training and certification together with and identity documents that need to be maintained and up to date. This can be DBS checks, passports, driving licences, first aid training, doctors and nurses professional certification etc. To allow any of these to expire can cause the company no end of problems. Cataphract can tailor our white label system to your particular requirements.

Nominated members of your management team have secure access 24/7 and individual staff members can view their own record and notify of any changes through this portal. When managers log in, they are presented with a dashboard which gives live, up to date relevant information of their staff and team.

Cataphract is responsible for managing the Government Security Clearance for over 2000 staff employed in Immigration Removal Centres and doctors & nurses working in 16 police force areas in the UK. We are trusted to hold their data safely and securely on behalf of the Home Office on our secure, in house developed system.

There may be 30 separate expiry dates for training and certification that any one person may need to ensure that they are up to date to qualify for continued clearance and employment.

The systems takes the burden away from centre managers, HR, team leaders to ensure their staff are ALWAYS working with ‘in date’ clearances, passports and documentation.

Data that can be managed

  • Personal Contact Details

  • 5 or 10 year employment history

  • 5 or 10 year address history

  • Personal and Character references

  • Residency History

  • Confirmation of National Insurance number

  • CTC/SC/DV Clearance numbers

  • CTC/SC/DV Clearance numbers

  • Passport Renewal Dates

  • Basic, Standard and Enhanced criminal record history

  • Driving licence and expiry date if appropriate

  • Training courses and end dates.

Number of individuals managed (CTC and SC Cleared)
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Managing staff data with Cataphract

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