June 2019

Cataphract now DBS e-Bulk partner

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Cataphract goes Digital for Criminal Record Checks Cataphract becomes DBS e-Bulk partner. - Digital Transformation NEARLY complete!!!! Cataphract has been a UK Criminal Record Check company for 15 years, currently supporting over 400 companies, groups, clubs and societies deliver safeguarding solutions. We passed the onboarding and validation process to complete digital DBS checks [...]

April 2018

Background Checks – Our methods and thoughts.

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We know the background check and pre employment screening market is saturated by multi national, investment backed/owned organisations who talk about fast, automated digital platforms running the checks, however, would you let a computer make a key decision if someone should pass the checks or not. We  believe in using digital, automated systems to perform [...]

May 2017

Is pre-employment screening a necessary evil?

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It’s an all too common scenario where a knee jerk reaction to hiring leads to no references or background checks being completed, leading to illegal hiring or simply hiring an ill-suited person for the job. It’s a competitive market out there so with technical, commercial operational roles often not requiring security clearance, sometimes a quick [...]

April 2017

Protect the Innocent through Digital Education

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As technology develops, changes and is adopted in ways that for some of us can could never be envisaged, we have to be aware of developments in ways that could affect or harm our children and young in society. Nearly all technology platforms are/were created and developed for good, to enable people connect, share, [...]

Cataphract and The REC

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Cataphract selected to be the only Pre-Employment Screening and DBS checking partner to The REC Cataphract have been selected to the the only Pre-Employment Screening and DBS checking partner to The Recruitment and Employment Confederation. The REC is the largest professional body for recruitment firms in the UK, with 3,500 members, with only 20 hand selected, [...]

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